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Energy Solutions

Energy will always be important but has become more of a critical factor today. With high fuel prices and slow steaming, even the heat that was once a surplus is now too valuable to let escape. Wherever energy can be saved or reclaimed, it can make a difference to your fuel consumption and your bottom line.

Achieving more with less

Alfa Laval is addressing energy challenges as needs, fuels and regulations change. We strive to achieve energy efficiency on all levels, combining the industry’s widest range of equipment with its most in-depth expertise. Often, we’re able to integrate energy savings with an environmental win. We work with you over time, to keep your energy usage optimized in the long run.

Savings – in a wider perspective

Alfa Laval works with key applications to approach energy from every possible angle. Besides maximizing equipment efficiency, we optimize the entire process lines and create more integrated solutions. Throughout your vessel, we save you money by reducing energy-related operating costs.

Compliance – as expectations change

Alfa Laval supports EEDI compliance. In addition, we work to minimize the energy impact of new equipment required by other legislation. For example, our environmental equipment includes solutions like PureDryPureNOx and S separators, which actually benefit your vessel’s energy profile.

Future – with an eye on tomorrow

Alfa Laval’s energy-saving solutions are enabling the continued use of today’s fuel alternatives. At the same time, we’re working to develop the choices of the future. As new fuels and approaches appear, we’re developing the equipment frameworks to ease their implementation.

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