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Food & Beverage Solutions

Hygienic equipment for food processing

Food Logic: The Essentials for future foods

The world is swiftly changing, and with it so are the patterns of global food consumption. With a predicted 9.6 billion global population by 2050, food manufacturing companies have a more important role than ever before. Opportunities in the food processing industry have become more apparent, bringing about the need to adapt to the new trends and expectations of the future global community.

All of Alfa Laval’s, food machinery, hygienic food equipment, and services for the food processing industry are established keeping in mind food industry trends and four key challenges; providing products at economical prices, getting the most out of raw materials, minimizing surplus and emissions, and ensuring hygienic and safe food products.

For more information on Alfa Laval F&B Products and Solutions download brochure:—food-industry-brochure.pdf